[cairo] Radii of radial gradients

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Mar 1 11:13:58 PST 2007

On Thu, 01 Mar 2007 10:58:51 -0800, Carl Worth wrote:
> So the big difference between what PDF does and what cairo does here
> is that the "infinite" portions that look like a linear gradient here
> are "uninked" in PDF.

Oh, in the above I talked about how one could use cairo to draw any
effect that PDF can describe.

But if we define this new behavior for gradients where one circle is
not wholly contained within the other, the other issue we have is to
generate PDF and SVG content that captures this result.

It looks like the new cairo behavior could be done quite easily in PDF
by first drawing a linear gradient and then drawing a radial gradient
on top of that.

SVG, however looks a fair bit trickier, since it is defined as
snapping the fx,fy point to the edge of the circle if the original
fx,fy point lies outside the circle. So maybe this would be one of
those rare situations where cairo-emitted SVG would actually have to
fallback to early rasterization.

Anyway, I don't think anyone's actually clamoring for this
effect. And I'm definitely not going to worry about it now before
1.4. I think I'll just drop a new "radial-extreme" test case in place
just after 1.4.

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