[cairo] cairo 1.3.16 with quartz and atsui

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Mar 5 08:49:22 PST 2007

On Mon, 5 Mar 2007 13:58:27 +0000, Baz wrote:
> On 05/03/07, Travis Griggs <tgriggs at cincom.com> wrote:
> > I'd like some clarification pretty please. I'm using 1.2.6 right now on PPC
> > OSX. I actually use both interfaces. I have some stuff that uses xlib
> > interfaces, and other which goes straight through the quartz interface. When
> > I get around to upgrading to 1.4, am I still going to be able to do this?
> Short answer is no, unless you build yourself 2 libraries (or are you
> using both in the same program?).

Short answer is absolutely yes.

I won't release cairo 1.4 until this is fixed.

There's no reason cairo shouldn't allow you to build it with any
combination of the available backends.

> do this but it needs a bit more work to fix it up. My change was just
> intended to better document the build options, quartz + xlib havent
> been buildable together since at least 1.3.14.

It's really totally buildable. The only problem comes up in
boilerplate, which is part of cairo's test infrastructure and not part
of the library itself.

> I've not looked into splitting up cairo-boilerplate as Vlad described
> earlier in the thread; but changing something that's used all over
> cairo seemed like a Bad Idea with 1.4 imminent. Unless someone more
> familiar with that jumps in and does it right away, its not going to
> be in 1.4.

It's not used all over cairo---in fact, it's not used in cairo at all,
(just in the test and perf suites built on top of cairo). And the
change needed here is just to take two functions that currently exist
in one .c file and put them into two .c files. Nothing really

So, yes, this will be happening before 1.4.

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