Which thread lib to use on Win32 and other systems (was Re: [cairo] Recommendations for 1.4.0

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Mon Mar 5 12:39:48 PST 2007

On 05.03.2007 18:20, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-03-03 at 22:46 +0100, Hans Breuer wrote:
>> For win32 you can just apply the following patch.
> Thanks Hans.  A question for you, tml, and other backend maintainers:
> which thread library should we prefer: pthread or native threads?
> This concerns Win32, and OS/2 at least.
Haven't looked into pthreads lately (it is rumoured that it improved a lot
over the years), I'm  still prefering the native threads API. Adding just
another dependecy just to do some locking looks excessive to me.

> I think the current "prefer pthread" is Ok if we provide a
> --without-pthread option.  Comments?
My msvc build of cairo does not use configure so there is no --without-*
switch either. But if native threads remain supported I don't care much
about the default ...


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