[cairo] Compositing benchmarks

Jeff Muizelaar jeff at infidigm.net
Wed Mar 7 08:42:43 PST 2007

On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 12:50:20AM -0500, Jeff Muizelaar wrote:
> Here are some results:
> The benchmark is compositing solid square images of exponentially
> increasing size 100 times in a row. The color of the images are src color
> (0xa4045090), dest color (0xe0e01000) (some backends optimize for alpha
> of 255 or 0). The benchmarks were performed on a Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU
> 2.80GHz.

Here's another interesting one:
argb32 OVER argb32 IN a8
(./test -b oil,cairo -o OVER --mask-type=1 -s 33 -f ARGB32)

build_plot((('oil', 'cairo'),('dest_width','1')), "backend == '%s' and
src_width=%s", "op='OVER' and src_format='ARGB32' and
dest_format='ARGB32' and mask_width=mask_height and mask_format='A8' and

 - http://people.freedesktop.org/~jrmuizel/composite-bench/over-in-comparison.png
 - Two varients are tested here. The first, '.dest_width', is compositing
   source surface the same size as destination one. The second varient,
   '.1', is compositing a solid source.
 - liboil is the clear winner here, being more than twice as fast as
   cairo. This benchmark is also interesting because I've actually had
   fbCompositeSolidMask_nx8x8888mmx show up promininently while
   profiling some pdf rendering.


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