[cairo] Loading a SVG file and displaying it on SDL

André Wagner andre.nho at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 06:15:25 PST 2007


I'm trying to load a SVG file and show it in a SDL window using cairo. This is my code:

	RsvgHandle* h;
	int width = 500;
	int height = 500;
	int stride = width * 4;

	unsigned char* cairo_data = 
		(unsigned char *) calloc(stride * height, 1);
	cairo_surface_t *cairo_surface =
				CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, width,
				height, stride);

	cairo_t *cr = cairo_create(cairo_surface);
	cairo_scale(cr, width, height);

	cairo_set_source_rgba(cr, 1, 1, 1, 1);

	GError* e = NULL;
	h = rsvg_handle_new_from_file("closedbox.svg", &e);
	if(e != NULL)

	rsvg_handle_render_cairo(h, cr);

	SDL_Surface* sf;
	sf = SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom((void *) cairo_data, width, 
			height, 32, stride, 0x00ff0000, 0x0000ff00, 
                        0x000000ff, 0xff000000);

	SDL_BlitSurface(sf, NULL, screen, NULL);
	SDL_UpdateRect(screen, 0, 0, 0, 0);


What am I doing wrong? It displays a white window, so I know (suppose) the transference from cairo to SDL is working. It seems the SVG image I loaded using librsvga is not showing on my cairo surface.

I'm not very skilled with cairo or librsvga, so I might just have a stupid mistake.

I'm using Win32, BTW (I hope this isn't the stupid mistke ;-)

Best regards,


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