[cairo] Installation Problem on Mac OS X - HELP!

Baz brian.ewins at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 01:23:45 PST 2007

On 11/4/07, Jing Tang <jing.t86 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install Cairo on my Mac OS X 10.4.10. But it gives me an
> error:
> The script is as follows. I'm totally new to mac. Could anyone please give
> me some directions on what I shall do to solve this problem? Thanks so
> much!!!
> my-computer:/developer/cairo-1.4.10 Jing$ sudo -u root ./configure

Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

If you're new to mac, you might find it easier to use one of the
package-management systems rather than building directly (unless you
plan to hack on cairo). The alternatives are:
- fink (debian-like, stable packages but behind the bleeding edge)
- macports (gentoo/bsd-ports-like, bleeding edge all the time)
- jhbuild (if you build gnome with jhbuild, it'll fetch all the bits
you need. this would be my preferred solution for hacking on gnome,
pygtk, etc)
- there's also instructions on developer.mozilla.org for building
firefox on OS X, including cairo - look there if you plan to work on

Without a package manager, my preference would be to use this command line:
$ ./autogen.sh --prefix=/opt/local
(none of the package managers will mix your builds with apple's tools
in /usr - I'd highly recommend you don't put hand-built tools there
$ make test
$ sudo make install
(only using sudo for the actual install; having files you need to sudo
to delete all over your home dir isn't fun)

> checking X11/extensions/Xrender.h usability... no
> checking X11/extensions/Xrender.h presence... no
> checking for X11/extensions/Xrender.h... no
> checking whether cairo's Xlib Xrender backend could be enabled... no
> (requires Xrender http://freedesktop.org/Software/xlibs)
> cairo will be compiled with the following surface backends:
>   image:         yes (always builtin)
>   Xlib:          yes
>   Xlib Xrender:  no (requires Xrender
> http://freedesktop.org/Software/xlibs)
> ld: Undefined symbols:
> _XRenderAddGlyphs

Ok clearly something's still trying to use XRender even though its
been disabled. And in fact, we had a bug in the xlib support that
required XRender without a configure check, fixed after 1.4.10:

I believe the package managers will pull in the render extension to
deal with this, mostly I build on mac without X. eg if you install

$ sudo port install cairo

should 'just work'. Hope this helps, if you've more questions ask away.


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