[cairo] unwanted lines

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 10:57:55 PST 2007

Hello again.
I am seeing a line connecting one shape to another that I can't explain.

I tried to extract some sample code but I can't reproduce the problem outside 
of my little framework which is too big to send willy-nilly.

I have a circle (arc) which is stroked and filled. After that I draw text and 
there is a black line (same as stroke on circle) going from the arc's end to 
the text's ref point (after the glyphs).

Everything was okay, actually, until I started messing with text.

My stack approach forces me to save() and resore() contexts so that matrixes 
and alpha all work properly, so I'm wondering if save/restore might cause 
the "pen" not to lift sometimes.

Is there a way I can utterly clear the stroke between loops? I can't find 
anything obvious in the docs.


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