[cairo] Observations from a newb

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 03:00:44 PST 2007

> > Yes - this is what I am muddling with right now. Well, not librsvg, but
> > to open an svg file, parse it to some extent and then produce a string of
> > <pycairo commands> that can be drawn later with exec.
> Sounds like the concept of a "metafile", i.e. a collection of drawing
> commands which can be later executed directly.
Metafile is a good word. So when you later say ctx.draw_svg(<svgobj>) it just 
unwinds and runs all those other commands.

> Problem is that there exist more font formats than ttf files. 
Oh I mean it to support OTF and Type1 as well. At least.

> A font  system tries to provide an abstraction over these different font 
formats and matching algorithms. Giving access to the font files directly is 
a rarely needed border usecase ;)
Man, I seem to be living a border usecase life :D


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