[cairo] Observations from a newb

Dirk Schönberger dirk.schoenberger at sz-online.de
Fri Nov 9 00:56:38 PST 2007

> Okay - it sounds like a closed loop really. You have cairo in a bubble and
> within that you can create PDF/SVG "surfaces" that retain their
> vectoriness
> and can reflect back into sources. But you can't seem to get external
> like things into the bubble in the first place. (Just my newb guess)
> A route *in* seems to be what we are thinking about.
>  I say it would be ideal to spool (at least) pure SVG in because we at
> least
> have the wonderful Inkscape project to create the graphics with. You opt
> for
> an intermediate grammar of your own that can be input. How you get a
> complex
> drawing drawn in the first place is the challenge. An obvious route is
> another parser: SVG --> Yourformat --> Cairo input, kind of makes sense.

I think it would be more useful to try to use external libraries (think
librsvg for SVG and poppler for PDF), as long as they can be used to
provide cairo output (without resorting to RGBA buffers). At least for
librsvg this seems to be the case.


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