[cairo] cairo_text_path() questions

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Fri Nov 9 08:46:21 PST 2007

Recently I've written a prototype for outline rendering with Dia based on
cairo_text_path(), see:

There are two things which make it less useful than expected:

1) although there is a cario context required to call cairo_text_path() the
transformation within it seems to be ignored (or I am doing something
wrong:)) E.g. calling cairo_rotate() before cairo_text_path() does not have
the desired effect of delivering a rotated path.

2) cairo is delivering multiple closed pathes per glyph. If for example one
renders '#' the first path given describes the outer curve while the next
closed path gives the inner square.
Is there a way to detect the second outline being a hole in the glyph?

This is tested with cairo 1.4.10 on Windows and Linux, the results are
consistent across the different font backends.


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