[cairo] Building pixman in Visual C++

Gerald Hansford gerhans at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 22:11:31 PST 2007

Hi - I know that Visual Studio is not an officially supported
platform, but I'm curious if anyone has successfully built Cairo 1.5.2
on Visual C++ 2005. Specifically I'm having trouble building pixman
0.9.6, although I've made it work with some manual modifications to
the code. The first problem seems to be due to the YV12_SETUP macro in
pixman-compose.c. I'm not sure why, but if I manually expand the macro
and replace it with its contents, everything is happy. However leaving
the instances of that macro unmodified generate some strange undefined
type errors. The second thing I ran into I could only fix by disabling
MMX in config.h It seems Visual C++ is not happy directly converting
between __m64 and __int64, although gcc seems to let that slide. My
understanding was that that was the purpose of the _mm_cvtsi64_m64 and
_mm_cvtm64_si64 intrinsics however. It does seem that someone has
given some thought to pixman building in Visual C++, based on the
presence of the #ifdef _MSC_VER I see in various places. Does anyone
have any insight on this?

Thanks in advance...

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