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Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Mon Nov 19 12:11:59 PST 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 19:26 -0500, Alp Toker wrote:
> Hi,
> I've started adding printing support to WebKit/GTK+. One feature that 
> we're missing from Cairo is support for hyperlinks and destinations in 
> document surfaces.
> I've studied the PDF and XPS specifications and come up with a first 
> draft for a proposed general API to mark link sources and destinations. 
> The API is slightly more expressive than the CoreGraphics equivalent in 
> that it allows for an arbitrary path to provide the area of the link, 
> rather than just a rectangle, and is generalised to apply to any 
> portable document formats that Cairo might support rather than just PDF.
> The API is easy to follow if you're familiar with the cairo_set_source() 
> variants and cairo_fill(). Here's it is along with commentary from the 
> PDF and XPS specifications where appropriate:

Thanks Alp for the research!

This looks generally good.  Random comments:

  - s/link/hyperlink/ should make the API more understandable without
docs, a great goal of cairo.

  - cairo_destination() is to general a name for this.
cairo_hyperlink_destination() would do for me.

  - Without introducing a cairo_hyperlink_destination_t we cannot
provide sensible getters for the setters you introduce.

That's mostly it.


> /* Document functions */
> /* cairo_destination(): Mark the current point on the current page as a 
> link destination with the given name. This can later be used as the 
> destination for a link using cairo_set_link_destination(). */
> /* Commentary: PDF: "Instead of being defined directly ... a destination 
> may be referred to indirectly by means of a name object." */
> /* Commentary: XPS: "Producers can mark any <FixedPage>, <Canvas>, 
> <Path>, or <Glyphs> element as an addressable location within the XPS 
> Document by specifying a value for the Name attribute." */
> void
> cairo_destination (cairo_t *cr, const char *name);
> /* cairo_set_link_destination(): Set the link destination within cr to 
> the destination of the given name. This destination will be used for 
> subsequent link operations. */
> /* Commentary: XPS: There are some fairly strict restrictions on 
> internal link names since they end up being represented as part of the 
> fragment component of the URI schema. We might need to do some 
> normalisation. */
> void
> cairo_set_link_destination (cairo_t *cr, const char *name);
> /* cairo_set_link_page(): Set the link destination within cr to the 
> given absolute page number. This destination will be used for subsequent 
> link operations. */
> /* Commentary: PDF: There is built-in support for linking to a page 
> number. */
> /* Commentary: XPS: My understanding is that the page number to link to 
> is equivalent to a destination name with the number as a string, and is 
> contained in the fragment component of the URI schema. */
> void
> cairo_set_link_destination (cairo_t *cr, const char *name);
> /* cairo_set_link_uri(): Set the link destination within cr to link to 
> the given URI. This destination will be used for subsequent link 
> operations. */
> void
> cairo_set_link_uri (cairo_t *cr, const char *uri);
> /* cairo_link(): A document operator that links the fill of the current 
> path (according to the current fill rule) to the currently set 
> destination. If a document surface supports only rectangular link areas, 
> this operation will use the fill extents of the current path. The 
> current path will be cleared from the cairo context. */
> /* Commentary: PDF: "A link annotation represents either a hypertext 
> link to a destination elsewhere in the document." */
> /* Commentary: XPS: "Hyperlinks are specified inline on any <Canvas>, 
> <Path>, or <Glyphs> element by means of the FixedPage.NavigateUri 
> attribute. The value of the attribute is the destination URI." External 
> and internal links are both represented using URIs. */
> void
> cairo_link (cairo_t *cr);
> /* cairo_link_preserve(): Like cairo_link(), but preserves the path 
> within the cairo context. */
> void
> cairo_link_preserve (cairo_t *cr);
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