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Sat Nov 24 06:50:58 PST 2007

Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> Damn, got fooled by the recipient list :)
> reply for the list too:
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> 2007/11/24, Gary Jaffe <gfj555 at gmail.com>:
> [chop]

>> Is drawing on a working pixmap and then transferring the modified part
>> of the pixmap to a cairo surface a reasonable way to go?
> Unless you want to hold on to that drawed data for modifications (eg.
> save the path that the user drew), yeah, that's perfectly reasonable
> thing to do.
> If you reduce the expose handler to just "blitting" the pixmap, you
> might want to disable the double buffering that GTK+ does (with
> .set_double_buffered()) since it's a bit pointless to do the blit
> twice. Also .set_app_paintable() is worth looking at (ie. clearing of
> the widget background by GTK+) if you store the whole widget contents
> in a pixmap.
That gives me a good direction to go into, thanks, I'll try that.

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