[cairo] Using OS/2 memory allocation APIs

Peter Weilbacher mozilla at weilbacher.org
Sun Nov 25 14:03:43 PST 2007

On 22.11.07 07:24, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> Sorry, I didn't notice that all the changes are indeed in
> cairo-os2-surface.c only.  So, yes, you are in fact free to just go
> ahead and commit those, becase OS/2 is not a supported backend and by
> all means you are the maintainer and get to choose what to do.
> But if you ask for my advice, I suggest adding a couple functions for
> the allocations that you may want to accommodate using an alternate
> allocator and do the #ifdef magic just in that function.  That should
> make the patch much more comprehensible and maintainable.  Call it
> something _alloc_buffer() and _free_buffer() for example.

That's a good suggestion, thanks Behdad. I like _buffer_alloc / _buffer_free
better, let me give it a try.

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