[cairo] context.save and in_fill - still lost in the woods

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 01:45:18 PST 2007

> The trick is to create a path and then reset the transformation matrix to
> the identity transform before calling in_fill, like this:
Thanks for the help. Seeing it in-place in the code helps me more than theory.

> The coordinates that you pass to  cr.in_fill  will be transformed
> according to whatever transformation matrix is currently active
> (i.e. the ctm) before the test is made.
I have found that, in my actual app, I have had to do another SetToCenter() 
transform just after the identity_matrix() call for my mouse x,y to mesh with 
where stuff is being drawn. But, it's back to working again. (For how long? 
He groans... :) )

Cheers muchly,

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