[cairo] Reg. Porting Cairo Font Support over T-Environment

Mukul Sharma elitecoder.mukul at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 01:46:47 PST 2007

Dear members,

I am currently working over porting cairo onto T-Environment and
facing some difficulties related to font rendering. I have previously
ported the cairo code onto the T-environment and the drawing of
figures and shapes is working for me. The only thing left is the font

My approach towards making fonts work has been --- I have compiled
cairo along with freetype source and fontconfig source as a single
executable. The executable thus created is working fine but not
rendering any text onto the final image (I am using the image surface
backend for rendering). Firstly, I need to ask, whether this approach
of mine is correct or not.
And if it is correct, then can anybody tell me, if there should be
anything that I must take care of, which might cause a possible

Secondly, I read about the toy font support in cairo. My requirement
as of now is simply to be able to dump out text onto the screen.
Therefore, only a single font support will be good enough for me. My
question is, that is it possible, that I could use the toy font
support, to render fonts without using fontconfig or freetype. If it
is possible, then can somebody please guide me, about what things I
should concentrate on.

I have ported all the other functionalities of cairo onto the
T-Environ successfully, with the help of the members in the past. I
thank you all a lot for that, and expect some guidance with the
current problem of mine.

Thanks and Regards,

Er. Mukul Sharma
Research Intern
Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems, NTU, Singapore

"A person who runs from responsibilities, runs from life."

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