[cairo] Plans for 1.6?

Jonathan Watt jwatt at jwatt.org
Thu Nov 29 06:55:51 PST 2007

Carl Worth wrote:
> I think that's the short required list. There are tons of other
> projects/features that might happen if they happen to get done, (24.8
> would be great for example), but I don't think there's much else that
> should block the release.

It would be great to have fixes for these two bugs:


Investigation of the former may reveal a problem that is causing cairo to under
perform in general. The latter is fixed by the cairo_path_extents patch
submitted to this list by Baz, which I think just needs review (not sure if it
addresses all your comments in that bug Carl). Both would hopefully provide a
perf boost.

I don't have the cycles to dive into these myself. Just putting them forward as
candidates for anyone that's interested.


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