[cairo] [PATCH]A cairo-ps-surface.c issue for modern finicky versions of ghostscript

Alan W. Irwin irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Thu Nov 29 19:27:50 PST 2007

On 2007-11-29 19:07-0800 Alan W. Irwin wrote:

Whoops!  I screwed up the previous patch which put unnecessary extra
terminating 0's for the xshow and yshow arrays (which consume single numbers
from the array for each character rather than consuming pairs of numbers as
in xyshow).

Here is the revised patch (a one-liner this time).

--- cairo-ps-surface.c_original	2007-11-29 18:43:33.000000000 -0800
+++ cairo-ps-surface.c	2007-11-29 19:23:25.000000000 -0800
@@ -2292,7 +2292,7 @@
              } else {
                  for (j = i; j < last+1; j++) {
                      if (j == num_glyphs_unsigned - 1)
-                        _cairo_output_stream_printf (word_wrap, "0 ");
+                        _cairo_output_stream_printf (word_wrap, "0 0 ");
                          _cairo_output_stream_printf (word_wrap,
                                                       "%f %f ",
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