[cairo] Is Cairo able to fit my needs?

Jürgen info at innova-studios.com
Thu Oct 4 07:10:29 PDT 2007

Hi there Malcolm,

i know that its not an interpreter, but there are functions to import
postscript files, so i thought there may be functions that fit my needs.

If not - do you have ideas how those bitwise operations could be done in

Kind regards, juergen

> On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 09:41 +0200, Jürgen wrote:
>> Hi there carl,
>> when cairo doesnt have bitwise logical operators, how is cairo then able
>> to display postscript images?
> Cairo can be used to generate postscript images (it's a 2D library with
> support for multiple output devices), but it's not a postscript
> interpreter. So it doesn't need to be able to handle every feature in
> the postscript specification.
> Regards,
> Malcolm

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