[cairo] performance difference between image and win32 surface?

Danilo Gulamhussene danilo at impara.de
Thu Oct 18 07:58:53 PDT 2007


i have experimented a little with Cairo, cause we plan to use it for 
rendering in a larger project.
Some performance tests stated, that using a Win32 Surface is about 5 
times slower than using an Image Surface on my system (Windows XP).
(I wrote the small tests on my own, cause I did not manage yet to build 
the performance tests included in Cairo.)

Could these results be correct, or am I doing something wrong?
When yes, what is the reason for this performance difference? I would 
find it much more straight forward to render directly into a Win32 
Surface instead of rendering in an Image Surface and then copying it 
into the window.

thanks in advance,


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