[cairo] Freetype to Cairo - newb needs help

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 13:35:14 PDT 2007

> It's not exactly trivial. The code below works for me. I'm not sure how
> brittle it is.
Well, heck! Thanks for that. I won't pretend I understand it at all, but I 
sure have somewhere to start. :)

In terms of fragility -- how easy would this be to break on future upgrades of 
pygtk/pycairo ? I mean, could I implement something like it in an app with 
some confidence?

Would I have a good argument (or not?) when I say:
1. Part of Cairo wraps Freetype (to a certain extent) already.
2. Cairo faces can be made directly from FT faces in c/c++
3. PyCairo wraps Cairo.
4. Pycairo should also offer Python versions of the FT->Cairo functions.

Only seems logical to me. I hope this thread helps that a little.


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