[cairo] Problem painting scaled down images

Dan Amelang daniel.amelang at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 12:27:50 PDT 2007

On 10/26/07, Stefan Bellon <bellon at axivion.com> wrote:
> Then I added
>         cairo_pattern_set_extend
>           (cairo_get_source (cr), CAIRO_EXTEND_NONE);
> Before and/or after the above cairo_set_source_surface call, but this
> didn't change anything.

What version of cairo are you running? Notice that this commit from
earlier this year may be a fix for the bug you see:

commit 5f9d70a56158e468683dba953d6eaceea4dfd644
Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
Date:   Fri Jan 19 23:11:09 2007 -0800

    PDF: Fix CAIRO_EXTEND_NONE for source surface patterns

Which, if you're using cairo 1.4, has been applied.


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