[cairo] pycairo with glitz on OSX?

Thomas Hansen thomas.hansen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 12:24:11 PDT 2007

I've been trying to find out whether I can write python applications  
that use cairo to draw to a glitz accelerated window on OSX.  I cant  
find much documentation, so i was wondering if anyone has tried  
something like this before?  Can I even use a glitz back end with the  
python bindings?  If so, would I need to run an X server on OSX, or  
could I get  a glitz accelerated surface into a window through some  
OSX python bindings?

I have successfully installed  Python 2.5, X11, cairo 1.4, and pycairo 
(compiled from source) and can make use of the cairo library from my  
python scripts.  However I ca'nt figure out how to output to anything  
else than a png file.  (I have successfully rendered to a GTK window  
from python on Ubuntu, but haven't tried it on OSX)

If anyone has any pointers or experience trying to combine these  
tools I would greatly appreciate any help on trying to set up a basic  
project.  If this works I was also thinking of writing some  
documentation or tutorial on how to set it up.

Thomas Hansen

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