[cairo] <pageSet><page> supported by svg2pdf ?

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at lapp.in2p3.fr
Mon Sep 10 00:12:09 PDT 2007

Le lundi 10 septembre 2007 à 01:49 +0930, Andy Mason a écrit :
> Hello all,
> Just been playing around with the fantastic svg2pdf to allow people to
> upload svg's made in inkscape / other svg editor to be used as the
> base document for sending pdf invoices. It works really well but i've
> run into a bit of a snag. Basically when people order too many
> products its going to run over the page. I was wondering if svg2pdf
> supports the svg pageSet, and page elements ? I have tried but it
> doesn't seem to work, however it's more than possible my xsl is just
> broken. I thought i would check on here just in case it wasn't
> supported otherwise i could be working on the xsl for a long time =)

<page> is not supported by librsvg, which is used for by svg2pdf for the
svg rendering. An enhancement request about this feature is already
opened in librsvg bugzilla.

Please note that svg2pdf doesn't exist anymore in cairo's tree. But as
an alternative you can use rsvg-convert, a small utility included in


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