[cairo] Cairo and OpenVG Radial Gradient

KULBHUSHAN PACHAURI kb.pachauri at samsung.com
Thu Sep 13 00:45:56 PDT 2007


In OpenVG Radial Gradient is defined by a center point (cx, cy), a radius r, and a focal point (fx, fy) [forced to lie within the circle.]. In Cairo Radial Gradient is defined by two circles (x0, y0, c0) and (x1, y1, c0).

Can any one tell me a about analyzing cairo radial gradient in terms of openvg radial gradient. 

I think  if x1, y1 lies inside the circle define by( xo,yo,ro) then Ignore r1  and map  (x0, y0, r0) --> (cx,cy,r) & (x1, y1, r1) --> (fx,fy)

what if x1,y1 lies outside the circle define by (x0,y0,r0)...


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