[cairo] How to Set up a new cairo binding project?

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Apr 7 14:37:03 PDT 2008

On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 21:41:25 +0200, Damien Carbonne wrote:
> Now that I have a working account on freedesktop server,

Congratulations, Damien. Welcome!

> I would like to know how to set up a new project (Cairo Ada
> binding). I didn't find any instruction on the way to do this.
> Is it described somewhere on the Cairo wiki? If so, I did not find it yet.
> Otherwise, could any of you give me some help?

I don't think we've got much in the way of instructions. So let's fix
that as we go along.

> I have not really used git up to now (just done some experiments) but I
> intend to use it, as it seems to be the preferred choice.
> What should I start with: a new wiki page for the project, the git
> repository, something else?

Please feel free to start with whatever you'd like. The wiki on
cairographics.org is freely editable by anyone---you simply need to
create an account first if you want to use the web interface, (and if
you'd prefer to use git for changing the wiki, we can help you do that
as well).

As for a git repository, if you've got something already and you can
give me a pointer to it, then I can create that for you in the
"standard" location.

If you don't have a git repository yet, then it's time to create one:

	cd cairo-ada	# or whatever your project is called
	make clean	# or whatever you need to do to delete files
			# you don't want added to git
	git init
	git add .
	git commit -m "Initial commit of cairo-ada"

And then you can send that to me however you'd like, (putting the
repository in a web-visible place, or tarring up the cairo-ada
directory and mailing it to me, or whatever).

I hope you're having lots of fun with cairo!


PS. Have you read our bindings guide? You might find it useful as you
develop your binding for Ada:

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