[cairo] Cairo 1.6 is imminent

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Apr 8 12:06:18 PDT 2008

In case people haven't noticed, we're working toward the cairo 1.6
release, and we're really close now.

The cairo 1.5.20 snapshot is our third release candidate, and I'm
hopeful that it can become 1.6.0 with little to no code changes. Any
testing and feedback that people can provide at this point will be
valuable. Both of the form, "it all works for me", and especially of
the form, "I noticed a regression in 1.5.20".

From the roadmap: (http://cairographics.org/roadmap/), the only
changes we expect to make are:

	* Potentially a tweak to the buggy_repeat decision. I'm
          currently exploring various X server builds to find out
          where the bug existed and where the fix occurred.

	* Fixes for any leaks found with "make check-valgrind" on the
          test suite.

	* Any obvious fixes for legitimate compiler warnings.

As we noticed in 1.5.18, seemingly good fixes can introduce bad
regressions, so we should be very careful in. In particular, I want to
see consensus here on the list for any changes intended to go into

I'm not making any new branch in the central repository, but do expect
me to ignore, revert, or rewind any changes that get pushed without
being discussed here on the list.

After 1.6 goes out we'll definitely open up for a lot of interesting
code to land. There are several fixes that people have talked about
recently, (filter-based pattern extents, clip mode cleanups,
server-side gradients, dithering, bundled fonts in test suite, faster
test-suite runs, etc. etc.), that we like, but we've decided to wait
to "after 1.6". So I want to see some high activity rates once 1.6
goes out.

Most of that stuff is 1.6.2 material, of course, and that's where it's
listed in the roadmap.

Meanwhile, there's also been a lot of talk about bigger changes, like
the new user-font API, that we also want to land. Those things are 1.8
material, but since we do want to get them out for testing soon, we
should probably start putting them into named feature branches in the
central repository, (as long as master is still 1.6.x and not 1.7),
when they are ready for general consumption and testing.

Then at some point in the future, we'll actually make a separate
branch for 1.6, make master 1.7, and then start merging in those
feature branches.

I hope everyone is having as much fun with cairo as I am!

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