[cairo] Cairo 1.6 is imminent

Richard Hult richard at imendio.com
Tue Apr 8 12:45:36 PDT 2008

Carl Worth wrote:
> On Tue, 08 Apr 2008 21:17:43 +0200, Richard Hult wrote:
>> Behdad was talking about adding back cairo-atsui.pc as a backwards
>> compatible way to not break the pango atsui backend. Quoting:
>> > How about making cairo install cairo-atsui.pc for 1.6.x and provide full
>> > (compile-time too) backward compatibility with cairo-atsui, then remove
>> > it for 1.8?  Then in Pango I can do the switch to cairo-quartz-font when
>> > requiring cairo 1.6 (which is not the case right now).
>> Should we do this? The old symbol(s) are still available already so it
>> should just be a matter of adding back the pc file I think.
> I looked at this a bit. One trick is that our current .pc files are
> generated by magic in the configure script depending on the actual
> backends compiled. So that magic doesn't support generating a .pc file
> for a non-compiled backend.
> Vladimir had the idea of just making the build copy cairo-quartz.pc to
> cairo-atsui.c after generating it, but I think Behdad's decision was
> to just change pango.

FWIW, from a GTK+ quartz perspective that would be fine (and there is a 
working patch for pango already).


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