[cairo] pango + cairo userfont

Felipe Sanches felipe.sanches at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:17:46 PDT 2008

SVG Fonts allow that glyphs be animated. This leads to the need of updating
the glyph rendering. Is there a way to avoid glyph caching on this kind of
situation, but still have caching for the other non animated glyphs? I mean,
is there a way of invalidating the cache of a specific glyph on demand?

Another issue is the font substitution mechanism. SVG font has a
missing-glyph tag which specifies which glyph must be used when a glyph was
not explicitely specified for a certain unicode char, or unicode string
(used for ligadure glyphs). This means that once specified a font family,
that shouldnt be substituted by another one. Do we have "missing glyph"-like
support on cairo/pango? Is there a way of avoiding the use of alternative
fonts when specific glyphs are unavailable?

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