[cairo] Let's get cairo moving again

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Apr 15 09:07:06 PDT 2008

So the 1.6.4 release seems to have survived for longer than a day
now. That's a relief.

With that, there have been many fixes/features/changes in the past few
weeks that people wanted to do but that we said "Let's do that, but
only after 1.6.0". Well that time is now and I'd like to see all that
stuff land now while it's still fresh on our minds.

I've been trying hard to capture as many of those ideas as I could
here on cairo's roadmap:


[What I've been doing is taking any interesting ideas from the list
and making sure they end up there or on cairographics.org/todo before
I delete the message from my inbox. I'd be happy for any help with
that maintenance as well.]

There's a lot of good stuff on that list. And some of it has patches
just sitting around. Let's push that stuff out.

Have fun with cairo, everybody,

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