[cairo] Using Pango+Cairo to layout non-standard / international text

robertk54 at aol.com robertk54 at aol.com
Tue Apr 15 15:42:28 PDT 2008

>> I assumed that to handle right-to-left (i.e. Hebrew) or vertical 
>> Chinese) fonts I would need to adjust the gravity attribute (and
>> possibly rotate the text?) but this does not seem to work.

>For right-to-left text, no, you don't need to mess with gravity.  
>just for vertical.

Yes, thanks.  My statement was not correct but my understanding was.

Will attempting to use such vertical text (font like Chinese which is 
intended to be rendered vertically) work on Windows using just 
Cairo+Pango?  Or, will I need to use FreeType builds of these?

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