[cairo] Docs for Python bindings to Cairo

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 23:07:12 PDT 2008

> Thanks for your reply.  Your images are terrific.
Thanks back.

> When I open with Inkscape I get a lot of messages that look like this:
> ** (inkscape:10264): WARNING **: Unable to open linked file:
> /home/donn/07.DesignArt/randomdonkey.jpg
Aaarrgh! I "fixed" this a day ago :) It seems I forgot to upload the new file. 
I have now, as "Cairoglyphics2.0.1.tar.bz2".
It looks like the donkey image appears in a few places on the pngs but not in 
others, which is a little weird but may be something I did with pattern fills 
or something. The new file seems to work better.

> Here are the images, down in a web page:
> http://www.mslinn.com/index.jsp?sites/cairo/index.html
Great! I have been hoping another site could share the tut as I don't have a 
place of my own. I have not downloaded your "cairo.zip", but assume it 
contains the svg. If not, and you can manage it, please provide the 'source' 
which is the SVG tarball.

> I had to guess at the intended sequence for the images.
It's pretty much down and then left to right within a topic.

> Let me know of  any errors.
> 09-cairoglyphics.1.2.png seems to have a problem.
I didn't see anything really. Am kind of fuzzy as I just got up ;)

> I'll delete the page and images when they find their proper home,
> whereever that might be.
Well, if you have space problems hosting it then you must do so. If not, then 
you can keep them around as you like.

> I'd like to add more words to these images so that the topics I
> described are addressed.  Random sentences from interested parties would
> be welcome; even better would be coherent paragraphs.
I did try to setup an account on launchpad (and prior to that on freedesktop) 
so that others could edit the file in a distributed way, but two things got 
in the way: I'm an idiot and I'm an idiot :D
Still, feel free to hack the svg as you like, observing only the CC licence.

Finally, go visit the cairo website, look for the "cookbook" where there are a 
few pycairo entries that may help.


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