[cairo] Docs for Python bindings to Cairo

Mike Slinn mslinn at mslinn.com
Tue Apr 22 09:31:46 PDT 2008


Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
> Which PyCairo distribution or source are you using?
libcairo2 1.4.10-1ubuntu4.4 as provided by Ubuntu 7.10 
> There are a few useful files in CVS (a 'docs' directory with a 'NOTES'
> file and a very short 'FAQ'; and an 'examples' directory), but some
> distributions (e.g. Fedora) do not distribute these files.
I see NEWS.gz and README.gz in /usr/share/doc/libcairo2-dev but no FAQ 
or examples/ anywhere.  I wonder if it is possible to set something in 
Ubuntu so the missing information is installed?  With Gentoo I would set 
USE flags called docs and examples. I'm not as familiar with Ubuntu.
> Having comprehensive PyCairo documentation would be good. There was a
> discussion on the mailing list a long time ago about writing the cairo C
> documentation in a text markup language. That would have been very
> useful for language bindings (like PyCairo) because they could take the
> original text and modify it to create their own documentation. But so
> far it has not happened.
I'm likely to write API docs, and don't mind writing them for C if the 
mapping from Cairo functions to PyCairo methods generates docs for 
methods with the correct names.  My timeframe is immediate, however, and 
unless someone shows me a straightforward and efficient way to make 
submissions for the C version that are automatically and quickly 
propagated to PyCairo I'll just generate the docs I need for my own 
purposes and let others backport if they are so inclined.
> There were two good tutorials here:
> http://www.tortall.net/mu/wiki/CairoTutorial
> http://www.tortall.net/mu/wiki/PyGTKCairoTutorial
Thanks, I found those docs, and while they were better than nothing, 
they are quite brief.
> Where were you before! 
Everywhere but here, apparently - http://mslinn.com

I incorporated your comments into a document in progress 
(http://www.mslinn.com/index.jsp?sites/cairo/index.html).  Please let me 
know if you would like any change to the attribution I gave you.


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