[cairo] Rendering error in cairo-1.5.10 and up

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid at altmuehlnet.de
Tue Apr 29 05:44:37 PDT 2008

Franz Schmid schrieb:
> Hi cairo developers,
> sorry to bother you with another cairo bug. I discovered that
> in cairo-1.5.10 and up (including 1.6.4) the cairo_set_dash function
> causes rendering errors with dashed closed polygons.
> Please see http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=6971
> for screenshots and comments.
> The only workaround for that problem is not to close the polygon,
> but that is simply not acceptable.
> The last working version of cairo is 1.5.8
Got now a minimal compilable sample snippet that shows the bug.
I found out that the bug is triggered by starting the path
outside the image surface.

Compile the attached code with:
  gcc -I/usr/local/include/cairo -L/usr/local/lib -lcairo dashtest.c -o dashtest

and start it with ./dashtest it produces a small .png called dashtest.png.
When you look at the produced png you will notice a faint diagonal line in
the upper left corner. This line should definitly not exist.

Franz Schmid
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