[cairo] Cairo and multiple X11 windows

W.Boeke w.boeke at chello.nl
Sat Aug 2 01:14:36 PDT 2008


 From the reactions until now I understand, that nowadays GUI toolkit designers
are trying to squeeze X-windows into a multi-platform environment, throwing
overboard much of the X functionality and speed that is available. I suppose
I am a lucky man who can work with pure Xlib in Linux-only projects.

There are 2 minor points I would like to mention. The fact that, using 1 big
window, it is easy to scale the whole GUI is of limited importance. If the
user drags the window edge to the right, then some widgets should shift
to the right unaltered, some widgets should stay where they are, and some
widgets should be lengthened following the edge. X-windows can do all that
for you.
The 2nd point: pure X widgets need not be rectangular at all, modern smooth
edges are easely implemented, i.e. by using Cairo.


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