[cairo] cairo-trace

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 05:31:10 PDT 2008

Hi all,
I'd like to include cairo-trace, derived from Jeff Muizelaar's
libcairowrap, in cairo/util. It has matured to the point where (after a
make install) "cairo-trace program" simply works - significantly
lowering the barrier for adoption ;-) No doubt it could do with some
more love and a lot of critique.

The current incarnation lives at

The steps for inclusion, as I see it, are officially blessing the
project and giving it a toplevel git repo. Then adding it as a git
submodule to cairo/util and spreading some magic autoconf to optionally
build it (taking into account the extra complications of using a

I'm not 100% convinced that it belongs within cairo, hence my suggestion
for an external project and submodule approach, but adding it to
cairo/util does make it much more convenient for the casual developer,
as has been suggested by Behdad and Carl.
Chris Wilson

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