[cairo] Breaking the dependency on libX11

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Aug 11 05:37:37 PDT 2008


OS distributors tend to compiler cairo with all backends enabled,
which means that libcairo drags in libX11.

Some non-GUI tools such as rrdtool are starting to link with libcairo
to render into PNGs and the like.  This creates a nasty dependency
chain for headless web servers that drags in a bunch of X11 client
libraries, libxcb, and more.

Would this be solvable by dlopen()ing libX11 at run time, only when an
X11 surface is needed?

Alternatively, would you recommend to ship a second copy of Cairo built
with --disable-xlib and install it as libcairo-minimal or something
like that?

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