[cairo] Saving surfaces as GIF/ low color PNG

Mohit Sindhwani tech at onghu.com
Tue Aug 12 11:00:31 PDT 2008

For one of the applications where we are serving up dynamically created 
images on the web, I was thinking of using Cairo.  Now, Cairo produces 
PNG files, which at default can be quite large.  I was wondering if 
people here are using something to convert the image/ PNG surface to a 
GIF file or such.  I'm on Windows for this application.

Searching Google for Cairo GIF doesn't get very far.  This is the main 
thread that I found:

It does suggest that GIF support is naturally not planned since an image 
surface could be run through a GIF compressor.  Wondering what (if any) 
people are using.  Any pointers are appreciated. 

8/13/2008 | 1:57 AM.

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