[cairo] Porting cairo to Symbain

Bo Yang techrazy.yang at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 23:02:54 PDT 2008

Hi dear cairo developers,

    I get known with cairo through Mozilla code base, and for porting
Mozilla to symbain platform, it is better to port cairo to that
platform first. I did not find any effort on porting cairo for
Symbain, so I just start to consider this...
    After some look into the cairo source, I think porting cairo is to
provide a new backend for Symbain, in details they are four struct:
_cairo_scaled_font_backend , _cairo_unscaled_font_backend,
_cairo_font_face_backend and _cairo_surface_backend. Could anybody
tell me should I need do something other to port cairo? And does cairo
design for Phone? I mean, whether the core of cairo can be used on
phone happily with the phone memory and compute power?
    Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!


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