[cairo] line width questions

Simon Budig simon at budig.de
Mon Aug 18 09:10:06 PDT 2008

Simon Budig (simon at budig.de) wrote:
> > actually drawing the line.  This is often done by setting the the
> > thickness to zero (eg: PS behaves this way, and with X, a thickness
> > of zero draws a 1-pixel wide line).
> I know and it perfectly makes sense if you draw non-antialiased lines
> where a linewidth of zero indicates a straight-bresenham-style line.

I missed your reference to Postscript there and it indeed surprises me
to see the linewidth=0 thing in the PS spec. I wonder if this is useful
for things like imagesetters, where the thinnest possible line might
show up on the clear film, but certainly gets lost as soon as you want
to transfer this to paper...

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