[cairo] Private Headers

mike at liquido2.com mike at liquido2.com
Thu Aug 21 09:55:35 PDT 2008

I have a bit of a silly question.  I recently ported cairo to an Amiga  
architecture.  The library seems to build just fine.  But when  
attempting to write a program using Cairo I getting a compiler error  
stating the struct _cairo is not defined in cairo.h.

After some investigating, I see that this is true.  struct _cairo is  
defined in cairo-private.h which is not included with cairo.h.

I'm guessing the Cairo is using some type of library data  
encapsulation and that these private types are resolved at link- or  
run-time.  Is this correct?

If the above is correct, what can be done about systems with libraries  
that do not support structure definitions inside a library?  Should I  
just include the appropriate private headers before cairo.h or is  
there a more elegant way?


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