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Why would you want to paint the background red with and 100% opaque (no transparancy). What you explain later on is the problem I have. The background colour would not be unexpected if the correct procedure as used. It is just a question of the correct approach.
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  Use cairo_set_source_rgba(1,0,0,1);
  and then use cairo_paint();

  I think, this would work. On a sidenote, having a transparent background can give you unexpected background color. I had tried doing the same thing, but eventually settled on having a known background color as compared to having a transparent background. For example, when I had a transparent background, I obtained a black background. Thus, I painted it all in white and then performed my drawings.

  I cannot support your guess that BitBlt does not support Alpha values. Because, BitBlt is simply a method to transfer a value of colour. The value of color is calculated at Cairo's End and rendered at the Display end. Thus, if Alpha values are not supported somewhere, it would be your display and AFAK it cannot be BitBlt part or Cairo part.


  On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 2:10 AM, Michael Gurnett <gurnett at glocalnet.net> wrote:

    Tried with cairo_paint_with_alpha, but that didn't seem to work.

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      I have the following bit of code

      bckgrnd = new Graphics::TBitmap;
         bckgrnd->Width = ClientWidth;
         bckgrnd->Height = ClientHeight;
       HDC hdc;
        cairo_pattern_t *pat;
       cairo_surface_t *surface;

       surface = cairo_win32_surface_create (hdc);
       background = cairo_create (surface);


      The idea is the to draw on the background surface and BitBlt it on my paint routine. However, with the code above it appears that the initial drawing space is filled white (guessing rgba are all 1). Is there a way to get the initial drawing region to be transparant. 




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