[cairo] PDF backend: PDF trailer not written?

Sascha Steinbiss steinbiss at zbh.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Dec 5 10:00:38 PST 2008

Adrian Johnson wrote:
> I am unable to reproduce the bug. Is it possible to extract a test case 
> that reproduces the bug? If you run valgrind with a debug enabled 
> version of cairo it should show the line number where the uninitialised 
> access occurs.

Yes,  I can provide a test case, but unfortunately it is not minimal. As 
I was not able to find the faulty location and/or combination of cairo 
operations, you will need to get a copy of GenomeTools. I have prepared 
a test case in the 'for_aj' branch of 

You can build genometools by simply using 'make', append '64bit=yes' to 
build for a 64bit system.

An example call of the problematic tool can be found in cairo_error_run.sh.

I have also attached a valgrind session with line numbers present, I 
have also looked at the respective positions in the cairo code 
(_cairo_pdf_operators_emit_glyph) but am not familiar enough with the 
environment there to be of much help. I do not see how I could be 
manipulating the cairo_glyph_t's there...

Thanks in advance,
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