[cairo] PDF backend: PDF trailer not written?

Sascha Steinbiss steinbiss at zbh.uni-hamburg.de
Sat Dec 6 03:15:57 PST 2008

Adrian Johnson wrote:
>  cairo_move_to (cr, 30, 1080.38);
>  cairo_line_to (cr, 3237760.172, 1080.38);
>  cairo_stroke (cr);
> The large out of range x coordinate causes acroread to pop up an error 
> dialog.
> I don't know if this is a cairo bug or a bug in genometools. It might be 
> worth checking that all the coordinates you are passing to cairo are 
> correct.

Actually, these coordinates may be correct at a close zoom level. Is it
a general problem if coordinates exceed the visible area? I figured that
as the coordinates are doubles, it would not be a problem to have large
coordinate values which would be clipped anyway. Particularly, I draw
the full length arrows and clip them to the visible area to ensure that
adjacent views are 'seamless' when put next to each other.
I guess to be on the safe side I have to 'cap' the coordinates at a
reasonable threshold?


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