[cairo] Hello Cairo_Graphics.

Richard Meng mengangr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 19:41:27 PST 2008


I'm Richard Meng, from China, a programming lover. I knew Cairo
several days ago when learning Linux. My eyes are caught by the
beautiful output from Cairo graphic library.

And I have some experiences of mobile application developing, most of
them are on Qualcomm's BREW platform. Being bored with limited ability
of graphics provided by QCOM, I have a idea that to port Cairo library
to Brew platform.

QCOM's Brew is a Single-UI-Stack platform, each component is treated
as a Brew Applet, or called an application. Each application has a
IDisplay interface, with which you can control/draw everything on the
mobile phone's display. For the display, you can get the destination
buffer from IDisplay, which is a bitmap. So, IMHO, Cairo's image
surface is enough for such display buffer. This is my initial thought.

But for the font support in Cairo library, I don't know how to
integrate Brew's font with Cairo. Anyone can advice me of anything to
begin with?

Thanks and regards,

- Richard Meng ( Meng Gang)
 (Meng Gang is my Chinese name.)

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