[cairo] Uniform Line Widths

Bobby Salazar bobby8934 at inbox.com
Thu Feb 21 23:36:50 PST 2008

Ok, that is much simpler than I thought, and works good too.

However, my code is written so that the pre-set line width is correct for the currently applied transformation matrix. If I then set the transformation matrix to be the identity matrix, the line width is not correct. Is there an equally simple method of mapping a certain line width from any arbitrary transformation matrix into the same pixel sized width it would if the identity matrix were used? I hope that last sentenced makes sense...


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> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 10:39 -0800, Bobby Salazar wrote:
>> I currently have a function that accepts a cairo context (with a path
>> already set) and strokes the path with a pre-set width and color. The
>> context can have any arbitrary transformation already applied to it. So
>> given this situation, how would I ensure that I get a uniform line width
>> from the stroke even when they may have applied a deforming scale to the
>> context? Any ideas would be appreciated!
> Something like:
>   cairo_save (cr);
>   cairo_identity_matrix (cr);
>   cairo_set_line_width (cr, width);
>   cairo_stroke (cr);
>   cairo_restore (cr);
>> Thanks!
> Have fun with cairo!
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