[cairo] cairo-perf-diff on win32 ?

Frédéric Plourde frederic.plourde at polymtl.ca
Tue Feb 26 16:12:51 PST 2008

Hi Behdad !

   I'm driving a lot of perf tests with the perf suite, and each time, I 
have to compare my after/before results "manually"... with excel for 
instance. I'm stuck with that method because I couldn't get 
cairo-perf-diff to work... it triggers a lot of runtime errors in 
"dirname" and even in "make" itself !!   I'm on Win32 platform. Besides, 
if I want to compile cairo-perf-diff-files.c manually, my cl compiler 
says the file is full of errors...mhh..  Was cairo-perf-diff  written at 
first solely for non-win32 platform ? 

Thanks for helping me cast some light on that ;-)
since then, I'm back to good old Excel.. ( ! ).


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