[cairo] Last *tiny* issues with 16.16 -> 24.8

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Feb 27 16:05:23 PST 2008

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 10:22:17 -0800, Carl Worth wrote:
> I am a bit disappointed to not have the change from 16.16 fixed point
> to 24.8 fixed point in this snapshot. We did a ton of work to make
> this possible, (including fixing the infinite loop bug it was exposing
> earlier), and I even had the change in place just before releasing the
> snapshot. But at the last moment we noticed that the change caused
> some regressions in PS/PDF/SVG rendering, (pattern offsets are wrong
> at least), so we pulled it out. But look for another snapshot soon
> with that change.

OK. Vlad chased down the bug, (it ended up being only in PS after
all---PDF and SVG were unaffected).

So I've made a commit with the 16.16 -> 24.8 switch thrown and I also
went through the effort to update all the reference images that got
changed because of this. There's a "24.8" branch in my personal
repository[*] if anyone wants to look at that.

I really want to push this out to cairo's master branch, but for two
little problems I just noticed when looking closely at the test suite:

cairo-ps crashes ghostscript
Two tests are triggering crashes in ghostscript when it is run on the
PostScript output from cairo-ps on the tests. The failing tests are:


Note that even before the 24.8 change, clip-operator was failing, (but
I don't think it was crashing), but I'm fairly certain that push-group
was passing before the change.

get-path-extents failures
For some reason, this test is failing on the ps, pdf, and svg
backends. Look at get-path-extents.log for details, (there's no output
image for this test). This test passed before the change, so
something's fishy here.

I'm going to look into both of the above problems now myself, but if
anybody else can help, that would be most appreciated.

Have fun with cairo, everybody!


[*] Here are git instructions for getting that branch. First I assume
you've got a git clone of the main cairo repository. If not, get that
first with:

	git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/cairo

Then, from within that, (that is, do a "cd cairo"), do:

	git remote add cworth git://people.freedesktop.org/~cworth/cairo

Now your repository knows about my personal repository under the name
"cworth". To actually fetch branches from my repository now, and at
any point you want to refresh it in the future, do:

	git fetch cworth

The first time you do that you'll see that I have way too many
branches, (most of these are leftover from a time when git really
discouraged branch deletion from a repository from which people would
fetch---that bug is fixed now so I really should sit down and prune
away the useless branches at some point). Anyway, after that you'll
have a new branch named cworth/24.8. You can do things with that such

View commits on the branch:

	git log master..cworth/24.8

Check it out to build/test it:

	git checkout cworth/24.8

Checkout a new branch for doing new development on top of mine:

	git checkout -b 24.8 cworth/24.8

By the way, git totally rocks.
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