[cairo] directfb blend mode patch

Benjamin Otte otte at gnome.org
Wed Jan 2 03:51:47 PST 2008

Hi Claudio,

I've got a directfb patch here that speeds up Swfdec rendering
substantially, but I'm not sure if it's ok to just apply it, so I'm
sending it to you for review first. The patch improves on the blend
mode selection by taking the existance of an alpha channel into
account (see git log in patch). It sped up specific testcases by a
factor of 30 and provided a general speedup for Swfdec at around

The part where I'm not quite sure if it works correctly (it should) is
where it somehow switches mask and source when rendering, because I
didn't quite understand it. And I couldn't run the testsuite, because
it crashed half way through all the time in Directfb. (Ubuntu Hardy
packages of 1.0.1 with X11 backend.) Also, it didn't produce correct
results anyway.

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