[cairo] Path Gradients

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Fri Jan 4 10:27:59 PST 2008

On Jan 4, 2008, at 9:47 AM, Bobby Salazar wrote:

> I don't agree, path gradients are very useful for non-radial  
> gradients. Suppose you wanted to add a shadow behind/below a non- 
> radial path? A path gradient makes this trivial, and without a path  
> gradient it can be near impossible for some shapes.
> Also, take a look at the buttons on the calculator in the below  
> screenshot. They would not be possible without (the "simple" type  
> of) path gradients.

I read that a path gradient can be like a radial gradient. The kind of  
gradient I'm actually missing is a conical one. Are they a superset of  
that as well? If they are, I'm all for them.

Travis Griggs
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